Tips From The Top

  • iPad and iPhone running with a few easy tips

    Whether you’re a person who waited in line for your newest iPhone or someone who resists technology as long as possible, chances are, once you got used to having these handy devices around, you loved them. That’s why, when they suddenly slow down or freeze altogether, it can throw a big wrench in your life. But have no fear: by following just a few monthly maintenance tips and tricks, you can keep your handheld electronics working smoothly … as long as you don’t drop them. We can’t help you with that!

    Pick one day each month to run through the following maintenance tasks:

    1. Always update. Your iPhone or iPad should alert you when an update is available. Often we get that update, but we’re too busy to stop everything and download them … and then a month passes. Or two. It’s time for that to stop! The easiest way to avoid issues with your devices is to update them regularly. Even if you can’t stop and run the update right then, do it on your monthly maintenance day. It will keep your iPads and iPhones happy and save time in the long run.
    2. Take out the trash. We know how it is. New apps are fun. They’re exciting. And sometimes they don’t really do what they promise. They also take up valuable space. That’s why it’s a good idea to do a monthly survey of your app situation and delete any you aren’t using. The process is simple:
      • Put your finger on the icon of the unwanted app.
      • Hold it until all the icons on your screen begin to jiggle.
      • You’ll see a tiny “x” appear on the upper left corner of each icon. To delete any app, simply click that “x.”
    3. Back that thing up. As Murphy’s Law promises, when something can go wrong, it will. That counts for technology especially. So, as a fail-safe measure, be sure your device is backing up every time you plug it in. You can back up to iCloud or iTunes, but iCloud can run out of memory quickly, making iTunes the simpler choice. If you’re someone who doesn’t plug your device into your computer often, using a separate charger instead, make this part of your monthly regimen.
      • Plus your iPhone or iPad into your computer.
      • Launch iTunes.
      • Click “back up.”
      • Wait for the backup to complete before ejecting your device.

    Daily maintenance:

    If you’re noticing that your device is running slowly or your battery is draining away extra quickly, you’re probably not closing out your apps. The Apple system doesn’t totally close each app when you switch to another task, so once a day (or more often), it’s a good idea to kill all of those busy, multitasking battery suckers.

    • Press the home button twice quickly.
    • Swipe the apps you want to close.


    We love technology when it works, but when it doesn’t, it can be a day-crusher. Follow these simple tasks each month, and you’ll keep your tech running smoothly. For ongoing tech support in your home, office and on the go, call us at Jackson Hole AV.