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    Wi-Fi News You Need to Know

    We’re all familiar with Wi-Fi and its capabilities for allowing our devices to connect wirelessly, but even though wires weren’t required, until recently an Internet connection of some kind was necessary. Soon, however, your devices might be able to communicate with one another even when no Internet connection is available, an advance that will make your smart home faster, smarter and easier to manage.


    This advance comes to us from Wi-Fi Alliance, an international alliance of companies that manufacture Wi-Fi products. The organization’s new program, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Aware, allows certified devices to continuously search the local area for other Wi-Fi Aware certified devices and connect to them—even without an Internet connection.

    Why does this matter?

    Let’s break it down: how will this make your life better? Well, in a lot of ways:

    • Wi-Fi access anywhere. Wi-Fi Aware allows Wi-Fi communication between devices even in crowded spaces. Whether you’ve got a houseful of Wi-Fi smart home devices or you’re trying to get some work accomplished in a bustling coffeeshop, you will be able to make that connection work.
    • Privacy control. Just because your Wi-Fi aware devices CAN connect in crowded environments doesn’t mean they’ll do so automatically. Wi-FI aware allow user to control their privacy and security settings.
    • Easily share information. Poor cell signal and no Internet? No problem. Send location info, photos, and other information and files to nearby Wi-Fi Aware devices anytime, anywhere.


    Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Aware products are limited for now, but their availability is growing as new generations of Wi-Fi devices come out. If you’re looking for a particular device or would like to check if a device you own is certified, check here.Jackson Hole AV will keep an eye on this exciting technology and update you as its availability and potential grows!