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    Rest, Relaxation and Reduced Water Usage Too

    Smart home technologies get more intelligent and plentiful every day, so it’s no surprise that a wealth of smart tech exists to enhance your enjoyment of one of your home’s most relaxing rooms: the bathroom. Here are just a few of the smart ways you can make your bathroom both more enjoyable and efficient.

    • EvaDrop shower. We all know that we need to respect the limited nature of our water by eliminating water waste and limiting use whenever possible. What we might forget is that 780 million people live without clean drinking water and a lack of clean water causes 3.4 million deaths a year. Unfortunately, most water-saving devices produce a shower experience that’s dribbly and disappointing. But no more! Those sad shower days are over. Meet EvaDrop, the smart shower that senses where you are in the shower and adjusts water flow accordingly. If you step out of the downstream for a moment to grab some shampoo, for example, EvaDrop slows the water flow. It also has a reservoir that stores cold water until it’s heated, eliminating the days when you had to run the water until it got hot enough to step inside. The EvaDrop can be installed onto existing showers, too, making it a smart home conservation solution that’s as easy on the earth as it is on your wallet.
    • Withings Smart Body Analyzer. Weight is a poor measure of how healthy a person is, thanks to the heavier nature of the body component of the fit: muscle. But until now, we average humans only had access to scales that measured us in mere weight. The Withings Smart Body analyzer changes all that. It analyzes not just your weight, but also how much of that weight comes from fat, as well as nearby air quality. You can sync its data via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, too, allowing you to incorporate measurements into the Withings Health Mate app or whatever fitness app you prefer.
    • Numi Smart Toilet.  It might seem indelicate to bring it up, but even your bathroom throne can get in on the high-tech action. The Kohler Numi proves that high-tech can also be high-design, with its sleek styling and advanced capabilities. The Numi allows user to create personalized settings from lighting and music to seat heat and foot warmer preferences. If the power happens to go out, not to worry, as the Numi has emergency flush settings built in for just those situations. This luxury smart toilet also happens to deliver exceptional water efficiency.
    • Luxor Hydromassage Bathtub.  Besides maybe your bed, the ultimate smart bathtub offers more pampering and relaxation than any other item in your home, and The Luxor might offer more than any other tub made. This whirlpool bathtub is made for two, offering ample side-by-side lounging room with adjustable massaging air jets, customizable lights and dual head rests. A 14-inch LCD screen allows you to catch up on the news or escape into your favorite show or movie while you soak the day away.

    Smart homes offer greater convenience, efficiency and cost savings, but they can also allow you to enjoy your home more. Stay on top of all the newest smart home developments here at Tips from the Top or call us at Jackson Hole AV to start designing your own ideal smart home today.