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    High Design Hi-Fi

    There was a time when home theater speakers were made to be heard and not seen. They were unobtrusive, sleek, most always black or custom-made to fade right into your home theater décor. But, home theater friends, those days are behind us. Some of the newest, cutting edge quality speakers are coming out in bold new designs and colors that are meant for showcasing. Here are a few of your high-design options:

    JBL Everest Speakers. Part classic, part race car, JBL Everest speakers, which stopped audiophiles in their tracks at CES 2016, combine retro design with futuristic quality like few speakers before them. These three-way floorstanding loudspeakers feature JBL’s extraordinary driver technologies, putting their performance squarely in the mind-blowing realm. With unequalled efficiency and dynamic range, as well as classic, but not necessarily subtle, premium automotive grade paint colors, such as Ferrari red, these high-end, luxury speakers are standouts in both performance and presentation. 

    MartinLogan speakers. Known for its use of and advances in electrostatic sound technology, MartinLogan creates speakers that produce stunning accuracy and fidelity. But what some people don’t know is that MartinLogan offers collection of style options that equal the vast range of its speakers’ sound. The company’s custom finish shop allows buyers (and their designers) to request custom finishes to match virtually any décor or to create an original finish that makes the speakers their own showpiece.

    Wilson Sophia Series-3 Speakers. Affordably priced floorstanding speakers that deliver sound quality of much larger systems, the Wilson Sophia Series-3 are also sought after for their style. The design is strategic: the speakers’ cabinet side panels enhance volume, and the speakers are made from proprietary composites, which contribute to the speakers’ width, depth and balance of sound. What’s more, they come in an array of style-centric colors, from classic black to gold, orange and yellow. 

    Focal Sopra N°2s. These are compact speakers that can handle pretty much any home-sized theater room, but there’s nothing small about their presence. Focal Sopra N°2s provide perfectly balanced sound and the performance of much larger speakers, requiring less robust electronics to get you there. The design, particularly if you select one of the line’s more vibrant colors like orange, isn’t for wallflowers, but if statement sound and style are what you’re after, these might be the speakers you’ve been dreaming of.

    This is just a selection of your high-style home theater options, though. Whether you’re seeking subtle and sleek or you’re ready to go big and bold, we’ve got the lowdown on all you need to know about WiFi and design. Call or come on by and we can explore the possibilities.