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    The Top TVs for Your Outdoor Entertainment Space

    When you live in a beautiful place, and the weather is just right, why would you want to go inside, even to watch the big game? And what could be better than inviting everyone over to float in the pool and watch that can’t-miss summer TV show? If you can’t get enough of the beautiful outdoors but you still need your screen time, an outdoor entertainment space might be the perfect thing for your home.

    Sound impossible or at the very least impractical? Not so. Today’s new outdoor TV technologies can give you the visual performance you expect in a package that can withstand the elements. We’ve got some of the top choices right here to kickstart your ideal outdoor media room dreams.

    Séura Outdoor TVs. Look to Séura for performance plus confidence. With Triple Lock Seal" weatherproofing, proven reliability, and a crisp, bright picture regardless of lighting, Séura will put any worries about outdoor technology to rest. Whether your outdoor media space is located in the driest desert or nestled in a Rocky Mountain winter, Séura’s unique thermal control system always keeps components at optimal performance temperatures.

    Séura outdoor TVs also deliver top-notch technology. If experiencing ultimate resolution is your goal, you’re probably already familiar with UHD/4K televisions, and you’ll want an outdoor TV that delivers nothing less. Look no further than Séura.

    You might worry that an outdoor TV must be bulky, encased in think plastics to survive the elements, but that’s not always the case. Séura allows you to continue the same elegant design you insist on inside your home in your outdoor entertainment spaces as well. Séura offers designs that are not just ultrabright but ultrathin as well.

    SunBriteTV. We’ve all tried to watch a television that’s sitting in the glare of a direct sunbeam, and we can all agree it’s not a great experience. Enter SunBriteTVs and the end of glare interference. Engineered exclusively for continuous outdoor use, SunBriteTVs have experience on their side: the company built the industry’s first television created for outdoor use in 2004. With more than a decade of product development and testing, SunBriteTV has had a long time to prove its ultimate weatherproof reliability.

    SunBriteTV’s thin but rugged exteriors of powder-coated aluminum ensure that unflagging performance by protecting the TV’s components from the elements, even potentially corrosive elements like salt water. With water-tight cable entry systems, connections are simple, and the innovative air-flow system enables SunBriteTVs to operate in temperatures ranging from 120 degrees F all the way down to -40 degrees F.

    And what about that glare? SunBriteTV’s Pro Series offers a high definition picture that can endure even direct sunlight with its EST (enhanced solar tolerance) Technology.

    Made for the Outdoors

    The key to true outdoor TV performance is to invest in technology that was truly made for the outdoors. You wouldn’t risk the chance of electrocution created by placing an indoor TV outdoors, and you’d never want to ruin your exceptional technology by exposing it to the elements anyway. But thanks to the extraordinary advances in outdoor TV technology over the last decade, you can create the ideal outdoor media room, complete with a television that’s tailor made to deliver unstoppable enjoyment, entertainment, and a high-performance experience for years to come. 

    To start planning your own outdoor media room, call us at Jackson Hole AV. We’d love to help you consider all the exciting options.