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    Tech to Know: WyreStorm Enado AV Control System

    AV control systems aren’t the flashiest, most stylish choice you’ll make when designing your home AV or home theater system. But they might just be the component that makes you happiest. That’s because a robust AV control system can ensure that your AV system actually does the things you want it to without hassle. And with version 4 of the WyreStorm Enado, the possibilities are even greater.

    What’s so great about the Enado?

    • Control your AV devices on any technology that has a Web browser. Enado is Web-based, allowing you to control any connected AV device with any Web-based device, such as your tablet, smartphone, or computer, whether Mac, PC or Android. 
    • Control your AV system with your voice. The new Enado version 4 allows integration with Amazon Echo/Fire TV, which means that you can now use Alexa voice commands to control your AV devices.
    • Ask for your favorite channels. This is a sub-set of the voice control, but it’s such a cool feature, we had to point it out. Using the Alexa voice control and Enado, you can pre-program your favorite channels so that your must-see shows are just a spoken command away. All you have to do is walk into your home theater and say, “Alexa, trigger HBO,” and Game of Thrones is ready for watching.
    • Avoid those annoying third-party apps. We all have apps we love and we share the frustration when those apps can only be used on iOS or Android but not both. The solution so far has been a third-party app, created to make those apps work—kind of. Usually the experience is frustrating, though, and we just end up avoiding the apps we love. But with Enado, you can launch and use BOTH iOS and Android apps.
    • End the updates. You know the scenario: you’re ready to relax and watch your favorite show, but those update messages pop up instead. You have to update software, apps and drivers constantly, it seems. Not with Enado. Updates are instantaneous and accomplished without any input from you. 

    How do I get Enado?

    Call us at Jackson Hole AV! You’ll want to enlist the help of a custom home theater integrator to get your Enado system set up, and you’ll be glad you did. With all of the various inputs and technologies in a sophisticated home theater, enlisting the setup help of an expert is an easy way to ensure that you get to enjoy your AV system rather than spend your time troubleshooting. We’d love to help!