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  • photo credit: Stewart Filmscreen

    Three Top Projection Screen Brands to Consider

    Today’s TV technology, particularly with 4K and HDR, offers some pretty mind-blowing viewing experiences. But for some home theater aficionados, nothing quite compares to the experience offered by a projector. Projectors themselves tend to be the stars of the show (and we’ll get to those in our next post), but projector screen technology is equally important, even if less noticed. Today we’re going to look at how three of the top projector screens can take your home theater to the next level.

    Stewart Filmscreen

    If you are looking to create a true theater experience in your home, then you might consider using the projector screen that professionals use. Stewart Filmscreen has been in business for over 60 years and is one of the industries most lauded and respected screen manufacturers the world over. In manufacturing their screens, they do not differentiate between professional and home theater screens, so your home theater screen is made of the same materials, with the same care and precision, as any screen being made for the most elite theater.

    What’s more, Stewart Filmscreens give you options to ensure that your projection screen can be the perfect fit for your technology and space. Options include

    • Fixed and retractable screens, both with motorized masking and without. Movies and TV shows come in a variety of formats, as we all know, but did you also know that, depending on the format, covering part of the screen can actually help you see an image better? A masking system converts your screen from one aspect ratio to another, whether it’s standard TV format, widescreen, Cinema Scope and HDTV, with one simple button press.
    • Glass and acrylic rear projection screens. Rear projection allows all of the necessary equipment to be located behind the screen, which provides for a cleaner look as well as eliminates noise from the projector.

    Screen Innovations

    A company that promises a lifetime replacement warranty clearly has confidence in its product, and that’s Screen Innovations. Perhaps the company’s hottest screen at the moment is its Black Diamond Zero Edge Screen with ambient light rejecting (ALR) technology, which makes an exceptional picture possible without the necessity of a totally dark room.

    The Black Diamond is made from a material that has nine optical layers that are designed to reject light from all sides of the screen, which is unique among ALR technologies, many of which only reject light from the top and bottom. That means if there are windows or light sources on either side of some ALR projection screens, the picture will be compromised. With the Black Diamond ALR technology, no light from any direction can mess with your viewing experience.


    A company with a deep heritage in the movie industry, Da-Lite was founded by female inventor and industry pioneer Adele De Berri, inventor of the Silver Screen itself.

    Da-Lite’s UTB Contour Fixed Frame Screen offers a sleek, minimal design with the the smallest edge of any fixed frame screen in the industry, and it delivers projection surfaces for any resolution quality, including 4K and Ultra HD. Size is another feature on its side. The UTB Contour gives your home theater the aesthetics of a flat panel but also the size of a projection screen, with screens as large as 220 inches. That’s more than double the size of the largest flat panel televisions, with a low profile of less than one centimeter.

    If a projector system is a must-have for your home theater, come visit us at Jackson Hole AV. The options are more exceptional than ever, and we’d love to show you how they can transform your home theater experience.