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    Add Value to Your Home with the Right Technology

    If you’ve looked into adding technology to your home, you’ve probably learned that some tachnoligies, such as home automation, can add ease, convenience and cost savings to your life, but did you also know that a high-tech home can actually be worth more as well? If you’re considering selling your home, adding some strategic features can actually draw more buyers and competitive offers. But first you have to know what buyers are looking for.

    The  Investment

    Renovations tend to worry buyers, and in many cases, potential buyers are willing to pay more for a move-in-ready home that has appealing features included. Add to that the fact that many people are intimidated by technology (unnecessary when you work with a home automation expert!) and you can see how a a tech-ready home could have the potential to go straight to the top of buyers’ lists. A home that comes ready to go with appealing smarthome applications is a home potential buyers won’t forget.

    So what applications are the most appealing? Obviously, every buyer has a unique opinion about what is most important, but here are a few options to consider:

    • Security: Whether you’re selling a large home or a one-bedroom condo, safety and security is always top-of-mind for buyers. Smarthome technology has endless options for increasing the safety of a home and the peace of mind of the people who live there. As you select which technologies to add, take into account that many people have concerns about privacy and don’t want wireless video monitoring in every inch of their homes. But you’ve got lots of options that provide an extra layer of security without becoming invasive. For example, consider a home lighting system, such as Lutron Homeworks, that can automatically turn lights on and off—giving the impression you’re home all the time—or allow you to turn on any light from anywhere with your smartphone. Motorized shades can also add privacy and security to your home … as well as energy savings.
    • Cost-savings: Home automation technologies that can save buyers money are especially appealing. For example, a high efficiency hot water heating system can provide significant savings over the life of a home. And a home with ample windows and a stunning view can be very appealing to buyers, but the glare, heat and lack of privacy caused by those windows might be a deterrent. Add motorized shades or smartglass, and you’ve saved buyers not just the trouble of installing that technology but also the cost, not to mention saving them major energy bills for years to come.
    • High-end elements: For a certain market, ready-to-use high-end features like a fully equipped, top-of-the-line home theater or outdoor entertainment space can be the exact thing to make your home irresistible.

    If you already have smarthome technology that you love in your home, be sure to play that up when it’s time to sell, but if you’re considering adding any home automation technology just to sell your home, weigh your options with the help of an expert. Your real estate agent can offer experienced advice about what buyers in your area consider important enough to drive up their offers. Seek the advice of a home automation expert, as well. When you’re considering any new home automation, call us at Jackson Hole AV for a consultation. We’d love to help!