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  • Old LiteTouch control panel

    Replacing Your LiteTouch System

    Jackson Hole is town with many high-design homes, so it’s no surprise that many of those homes also have advanced technology such as home automation and lighting controls. One of the most popular lighting control systems for many years was LiteTouch, and it’s what you’ll find in the vast majority of Jackson Hole homes. But now there’s a problem: LiteTouch, the company, is no more. Fortunately, there is also a solution.

    In 2012, home automation company Savant acquired LiteTouch, but shortly after, in 2015, it decided to shut down its acquisition. The good news is that LiteTouch systems are reliable, and the ones that are working well today could easily do so for a number of years. But as part of the system go, they will become harder and harder to replace. And if a major part, just a lighting panel goes, the whole system is done. Either way, if you have a LiteTouch system, or are thinking of buying a home with one, it’s time to start thinking about a solution. And we’ve got one.

    Home automation leader Savant is partnering with lighting control leader Lutron to create that solution. LiteTouch is unique in that is uses a line-voltage hardwired system, created with non-shielded conductor cables. That’s a lot of technical speak that basically boils down to the fact that the fix requires a solution that uses its unique setup. Replacing a hardwired system is an expensive proposition, so the ideal solution will make use of the existing cables.

    Lutron’s solution is a hybrid system that uses LiteTouch’s existing wiring as well as Lutron ClearConnect wireless keypads and a wireless module.

    Lutron’s plans for a complete solution are in the works, but a number of ideas, like the one above, have already been laid out to deal with maintenance needs and issues.

    What do to now

    If you have or are purchasing a home that has a LiteTouch system, you’ve got options.

    If your system is working well, you only need to prepare. At some point, potentially years from now, you could start having some issues, so now is the time to find a Savant integrator or Lutron expert whose contact info you can have on hand.

    If you are already concerned about the longevity of your system, that same home automation and lighting professional can work with you to help create the idea solution for your home.

    If either of those situations applies to you, give us a call. Jackson Hole AV partners with both Savant and Lutron, and we’re ready to help!