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  • Using Automated Drones for Smart Security

    Home security options have made huge leaps in the last few years. The precision and flexibility available today weren’t even possible three years ago. If you find on-site security cameras too limiting for your home and business security needs, you’re in luck – today, advanced adaptive sensors coupled with automated drones offer users complete coverage security by integrating seamlessly into home and business systems. Here are just two of the latest advancements in home security. Insight Engine

    At CES 2017, launched Insights Engine, a multi-sensor, adaptive security system that recognizes and responds to unexpected activity on a property. The system can learn household patterns – like when you come home from work, or your kids come home from school, or what time the front door is locked every evening – and respond to unusual activity. Your front door opened extra-early in the morning, for example, would prompt the system to send you a push notification. To address a heightened disturbance, the next level of security is the deployment of automated drones to view the scene. With their high-res cameras, these drones can stream real-time video you, no matter your location.’s sensors direct the automated drones to the disruption, where they sweep the entire area. Another advantage of the drones is that they can also alert the homeowner to structural problems, such as a water leak. 

    Sunflower Home Awareness System

    The Sunflower Home Awareness System uses outdoor sensors with an aerial drone to allow homeowners total visual access to what’s happening on their property.

    The advanced sensors sense motion, sound, and vibration. The sensors – which look just like garden lights – use adaptive technology to assess the origin of a disturbance and address it appropriately. For example, a skunk or raccoon in the middle of the night will be shooed off with noise and flashing lights. If it’s you coming home from work, the lights will increase to greet you. In a more questionable situation, the sensors will deploy the on-site aerial drone from its outdoor weatherproof hive to further explore and assess the facts. The drone’s high-resolution camera has an infrared light for best viewing any time of the night. The drone re-charges its battery in its hive, and can be kept flying for 15-20 minutes, when needed. The homeowner can also deploy the drone to investigate an area more fully, viewing live streaming video.

    To learn more about how you can take advantage of the new developments in automated drones for security, call us at Jackson Hole AV. We’d love to discuss the how the latest innovations can take your home and business security needs to the next level.