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  • The Internet of Intelligent Things

    The Internet of Intelligent Things – and its Implications for the Smart Home

    At CEDIA 2017, the annual smart and home technology trade show, Stringify co-founder and CTO Dave Evans gave the keynote address on the future impact of the IoT (Internet of Things) and the Internet of Intelligent Things – highlighting a future of innovative possibilities for smart homes and beyond. 

    “The Internet of Intelligent Things will address some of the world’s most pressing challenges,” said Evans. 

    According to Evans, these possibilities will serve the smart home and beyond; innovations could range from reducing the amount of trash produced in cities, decreasing waste in food production and consumption, supervising the well-being of a herd of cattle, and even offering at-home dental checkups.

    Evans cited existing statistics and trends, including the fact that 100 new things are added to the Internet every second; by 2020, it’s predicted that 27 billion things will be connected to the Internet. Technology – like phones and computers – shrinks 100 fold in 3D volume every decade. Broadband speed increases 2.7x each year, and by 2022, video will account for 75% of mobile traffic.

    He demonstrated how smart devices will one day leap from simply connecting with other devices to possessing the processing ability to hear, speak, scrutinize, and respond autonomously. This is made possible as microprocessors become smaller, more, powerful, and less expensive. These “super-chips” will allow IoT devices the ability to function as the Internet of Intelligent Things (IOIT) components.

    According to Evans, the IoIT will impact every part of our lives, in the home and beyond – and not too far in the future, either.  

    These trends provide compelling reasons why Smart Home owners need to prepare their homes for fast-coming technology developments. An integrator can ensure the home is ready for up-to-date advancements. In many recent cases, high-end homes were sold because they did not have modern technology capabilities. Simple things like Internet access throughout the home wasn’t possible because of the way the home was wired. (In the past, electricians have installed wiring.) Today more than ever, integration companies are essential for proper installation and to make sure the Smart Home is fully integrated and ready for the Internet of Intelligent Things. 

    At Jackson Hole AV, we help Smart Home owners merge their technology with products like Savant, which unifies all of your home audio and video, lighting control systems, security, climate, communications, internet, and ancillary services into one easy-to-use, seamless experience.

    If you’re ready to talk about the possibilities for your home and preparing it for the Internet of Intelligent Things, call us at Jackson Hole AV. We’d love to help you get the most out of Smart Home technology.