Tips From The Top

  • Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall...

    Think of your morning routine: Showering, shaving, brushing your teeth while watching your smart phone propped up against your bathroom mirror. You’re reading emails, checking your calendar, and trying to use your favorite apps while juggling a tiny screen and your razor.

    Now imagine it unfolding in front of a large bathroom mirror that also performs as your screen, with hands-free voice activation and touch control options, allowing you to check and send email, watch the news, update your calendar, get the weather report, and use your favorite apps while preparing for the day ahead. 

    It’s all possible with SMART mirrors like the one just introduced by Séura, a designer technology company specializing in TV Mirrors, Outdoor TVs, Indoor Waterproof TVs, and Lighted Mirrors. Séura’s new bathroom mirror unites the top elements of design with a multi-functional display, bringing the bathroom mirror in the integrated home to a whole new level of functionality and style using SMART technology.

    According to Tim Gilbertson, Séura COO and co-founder, the new technology evolved naturally from growing habits and lifestyle trends. He referred to a 2016 study of bathroom trends by Houzz that reported almost 60% of people now bring smart phones into the bathrooms to stay connected. “We designed this product to deliver the same benefits smart phones provide in a better way,” said Gilbertson in a Séura press release, “with the convenience of curated information, and a larger and well-placed display with both touch and voice control.”

    With hands-free voice activation and touch control options, multi-tasking is made effortless for early-morning efficiency and comfort. Users can write emails, lists, or search online even if their hands are wet. Touch control – right on the mirror – allows the user to scroll, choose new applications, and change the apps and widget on their dashboard. 

    For optimal use in the bathroom, the display is four times the size of the average tablet and disappears completely when turned off, granting the user complete security and control, and leaving behind an elegant mirror. Séura’s unique mirrors can be customized for shape and size, screen placement, frames, and etched lighting designs.

    To learn more about how seamlessly a Séura bathroom mirror can improve your morning routine, call us at Jackson Hole AV. We’d love to discuss the possibilities.