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  • New releases send your home theater soaring

    New home theater options abound for everyone from the sophisticated viewer to the newcomer to integrated home cinema. An array of recently-released products offer outstanding opportunities to enhance the home viewing experience while integrating with the home owner’s current technology and architectural design.

    Stewart Filmscreen has released a new borderless screen to meet the needs of sophisticated interior design. Balón Borderless creates a floating image with a fixed frame that can integrate into any wall. Its beveled frame enables the material snaps to disappear behind the screen system, creating an edgeless appearance and an extraordinary floating image. The screen is available in custom aspect ratios, offering image sizes up to 12’ x 16’. To add yet another level of reality to the viewing experience, options include acoustically transparent materials; the sound actually emanates from the direction of the image.

    If you’re looking to upgrade your projector, Sony has expanded its 4K HDR home theater projectors for homeowners with all levels of experience.

    According to Mike Fasulo, Sony Electronics president and COO, there’s the entry-level VPL-VW285ES for homeowners wanting to raise their viewing experience to true 4K. For the advanced user, the VW385ES projector offers nearly-perfect images. 

    The entry-level VPL-VW285ES features Sony’s Triluminos display, providing a broader color range, more tones and textures, and longer playing time than a standard projector. The operation time of up to 6,000 hours allows fewer interruptions and less maintenance costs. 

    The mid-level VPL-VW385ES 4K HDR projector has a dynamic contrast of 200,000:1. It incorporates Sony’s Advanced Iris, which advances detail and diminishes picture artifacts, and Sony’s Reality Creation feature, which provides a crisper picture quality of 4K content and heightened upscaling of HD content. This model also includes Picture Position Memories, which stores custom settings so users can access and watch movies in their preferred screen format; lens focus, zoom settings, aspect ratio and more can be stored for recall to allow for a effortless viewing experience.

    Both projectors come in compact form factors for installation in smaller spaces and feature whisper-quiet operation.

    Sony also released the VPL-VW885ES, a projector with 2,000 lumens of brightness, 20,000 hours of lamp life, and Infinite dynamic contrast with real-time laser light level control.

    To learn more how these new products – and many more – can enhance your home cinema experience, call us at Jackson Hole AV. We’d love to discuss the possibilities.