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  • How Lutron RadioRA2 Can Simplify Your Smart Home

    Does your home have one system for lighting, another for your home theater, and another for security? Are you juggling too many automated systems? Ready to streamline and simplify?

    Lutron RadioRA2 could be your solution. This wireless total home control system can integrate up to 200 devices, giving the smart home owner the capacity to control lighting, temperature, security, and appliances in a single room or throughout the entire home, leading to energy savings and optimal comfort in one elegant system. 

    RadioRA2 utilizes wireless technology, so the system can be easily installed in new construction or existing homes. Because every device knows all of the programming, if the hub is disconnected, advanced features still work (though a bit slowly). And because it’s scalable (you can have it installed in a single room or throughout your entire home), you can start with a single room now and later expand your system to the whole house. 

    RadioRA2 supports energy savings as home owners control the levels of daylight, electric light, temperature, and appliance usage. Radio Powr Savr occupancy/vacancy sensors shut off the lights in an empty room. Appliances and other devices can connect to the plug-in appliance module, allowing you to completely turn off the power to those devices when not in use, eliminating phantom power use and saving more energy.

    Using wall-mounted, tabletop, and handheld controls – both within the home and outside – gives home owners constant access to their home environment. Voice and audio controls can also be integrated. The system’s two-way communication systems will alert you if lights are left on, or shades are open, even if you aren’t in the room or even at home.

    You can control lighting and temperature to create the perfect atmosphere for every activity – from a weeknight family dinner to movie night to a holiday party. 

    Wireless, battery-powered temperature sensors can be installed in optimal locations. You can schedule temperature to lower during the day while you’re at work, and heat things up before you get home. You can also schedule lights to come on or shut off at particular times each day – and make temporary changes as needed.

    For your home theater needs, RadioRA2 integrates with a large variety of universal remote controls; you can operate you audio-visual system as well as lighting, shades, and temperature from one remote.

    The RadioRA2 system is praised for its long-lasting, high quality hardware (appliance modules, switches, and keypads) available in a wide range of colors, including stainless steel. The multi-button in-wall and tabletop keypads are backlit and come with a voucher for custom engraving. There are switches and modules for every possible load type; there’s even a car visor remote to call up lighting scenes and door openers from a long range.

    And Lutron’s wireless technology is among the most dependable because it's in the federally-regulated 434 mhz spectrum, so there's very little to cause interference.

    To learn more about how Lutron RadioRA2 can streamline your smart home management, call us at Jackson Hole AV. We'd love to help you find the perfect system for your smart home needs.