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  • Ready for the Rolls-Royce of Home Automation?

    If you’re looking for the Rolls-Royce of home automation systems, Lutron HomeWorks QS may be the perfect fit for your home.

    This premium home automation system elegantly integrates the control of daylight, electric light, audio/visual systems, security, and HVAC systems with beautiful design options and energy-saving technology. HomeWorks QS can integrate with existing home systems and can combine keypads with other manufacturer’s controls to keep a consistent look and reduce wall clutter. The system also integrates with your mobile device so you can manage your home from any location. 

    HomeWorks QS improves your home’s security and safety with options like automated exterior lighting. The system can also be programmed to play real-life lighting events, so the home appears occupied even if you’re gone.

    Lights, shades, and temperatures can be controlled from any location – even with your mobile device. Occupancy sensors turn on the room’s lights when you enter, and turn them off when the room is empty (which can be great for kids’ rooms and bathrooms – where lights are often left on). 

    Using Lutron’s high-end design shades, you can control the level of natural light in your home while maintaining privacy. You can shut out solar heat in summer and keep it in winter – reducing your overall energy needs. 

    Lutron's App for HomeWorks QS is lauded for the control it gives the home owner. You can create the right light and mood for any activity – from a holiday dinner to weeknight homework with the kids – with simple, user-friendly controls. You can spontaneously change the timing of lighting scenes as needed. Your changes are saved and can be permanently updated in the database by your programmer. 

    HomeWorks QS has a wide array of architectural and designer keypad styles to suit every taste and décor. Keypad styles, button configurations, and faceplates come in a variety of materials, colors, and finishes to fit your preferences. System controls are available in 50 colors and finishes; shades come in a variety of styles and fabrics. 

    And Lutron continues to expand its aesthetic components for customers. For example, they have recently enhanced the HomeWorks QS system with the new Palladiom-style thermostat to match the Palladiom keypads and accessories, creating a cohesive visual throughout the home.

     “Design is the core of what Lutron does,” said Rich Black, Lutron director of residential business.

    Lutron’s Clear Connect RF technology sets the industry standard for reliability, so you can trust your system will work with meticulous accuracy every time you use it.

    HomeWorks QS is sold and installed by a nationwide network of qualified Residential Systems Providers – like our integrators at Jackson Hole AV. Along with our technology expertise, we provide top-rate experience in programming, project management, and design to help you find the perfect automated system for your home. 

    Call us at Jackson Hole AV to begin your total home integration today.