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    Savant - Elegant Total Home Automation

    Are you looking to bring together all your home systems into one seamless, automated, easy-to-manage platform?

    Savant – the elite system in home automation – offers you an elegant, integrated platform that you control from a single, intuitive app. Savant unifies and simplifies your home – and your life. 

    With varying levels of systems to fit any home, Savant offers the industry’s only Apple®-based control and automation solution to unify your entire home’s audio visual, lighting, climate, security, and communications systems. 

    A typical day in a Savant home starts with a warm greeting you can set to suit your needs. The automated system will warm the house, raise the shades, and start your favorite song. When you leave for the day, a quick tap of “away” is all you need to shut off the lights, lower the temperature, and set the security. Receiving a delivery while you’re away? You can open your home or garage remotely, and close it once everything’s delivered. You can create profiles for the housekeeper, staff, babysitter, or friends and family to give them the access they need while you’re gone. On your way home from work, turn on the hot tub so that it’s ready when you walk in the door. Entertaining guests? Tap the “cocktail hour” scene – your playlist will come on as the pool lights slowly fade up in the dusk. Another tap gives you the right lighting and music for dinner. At the end of the night, you can tap “goodnight” to set the security, turn out the lights, and lower the thermostat – all from the comfort of your bed.

    Founded in 2005, Savant seeks to provide elegant, accessible, cutting-edge products that lead the way in home automation technology. Savant was one of the first home automation companies to see the need for mobile technology, so that its customers can have total access to their home no matter where they are. 

    You can close the shades, lock the doors, and set the alarm even after you’re gone. Away on a trip? Create different lighting scenes for a lived-in look, and monitor your cameras. You’ll be notified if anything at home is off – from a visitor to changes in temperature and humidity. 

    And Savant excels in home entertainment. Customize playlists for every room and every mood. Tap “movie night” and the lights dim, the projector turns on, and your seats automatically recline. On the big screen, you can watch up to nine things at once through the TrueControl App.

    Savant has some of the best hardware and controls out there. Wired magazine called the remote for its newest smart home hub one of the world’s coolest clickers. With it you can control lighting, music, and TV scenes in what they call a “wonderfully simple, well-constructed, and versatile remote control.”

    The remote comes to life when you raise it, via built-in accelerometers. It has backlit buttons and a directional pad, but it also receives voice commands. Press the microphone button and say keywords like “away” or “goodnight” to control your entire home, or brings up scenes – a combination of lighting and music – that you program with the mobile app.

    Savant’s newest home automation system is possibly its simplest yet – with a hub, a remote, and a lamp control device that communicate via wifi. With the remote – which also receives voice commands – you can control your entire audio visual system and whatever is plugged into the lamp control device. A mobile app gives you the same control as the remote.

    If you’re intrigued by how Savant can integrate your home into one elegant experience in the art of living, call us at Jackson Hole AV – we’d love to show you the possibilities.