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  • Update your family hub - with a smart refrigerator

    The family refrigerator: is it any wonder it’s become the center of modern family activity? It’s the one place around which everyone revolves at least three times a day. This one appliance not only holds our provisions, it’s also the major communication hub, often holding the family calendar, lists, notes, mail, photos, reminders, and on and on. 

    Visionary appliance designers like Samsung take this staple of family life to a new dimension in the smart home. 

    The Samsung Smart Refrigerator Family Hub Touchscreen Fridge, which CNET calls the “best-looking, most fully featured fridge they’ve ever tested,” leads the way in beautiful, practical innovations to streamline your family’s daily life.

    With the Samsung Smart Refrigerator, you can check your fridge’s contents from anywhere, set expiration notifications, sync up shopping lists, and buy groceries right from the fridge’s door. Calendars, notes, photos, and lists can be shared from the fridge’s 21.5-inch screen to any family member’s smartphones – meaning your home’s central hub of communication is now mobile.

    One of the coolest features of this fridge is the three interior cameras that take a picture of the contents every time you close the doors. Stopping for milk on the way home? Use Samsung's app on your Android or iOS device to check the most recent photo and see what else you need. You can set expiration dates, too; on the fridge touchscreen, press “View Inside” to see the contents, and drag countdown icons over certain packages to track freshness. This super-useful feature is only available on the Samsung Smart Refrigerator. 

    The variety of apps for this fridge brings smart communication to heightened fun and functionality. Besides writing shopping lists, you can show photos, draw a picture, write a note, and even sync up every family member’s calendar into one shared, family fridge calendar via an app called StickiBoard.

    The 21.5-inch touchscreen makes web browsing easy and gives your family yet another reason to gather in the kitchen. You can listen to playlists, live radio apps, or mirror a Samsung TV in a separate room (so you know exactly what your kids are watching while you prepare dinner). And you can touch or talk to the screen – when your hands are full, “S Voice” can read you recipes step by step or take dictation.  

    In terms of design, Samsung’s family hub fridge is a perfect way to unite form and function with its Four-Door Flex French Door in a black stainless-steel finish.

    If you’re ready to see how a smart fridge can streamline the center of your family’s daily activity, call us at Jackson Hole AV.