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  • Looking for a New HD TV?

    Looking for a new HD TV for your home theater? 

    Today’s HD TVs offer a wide range of options for your best viewing and home design. With today’s technology, you can get an optimal picture in a device that’s fully able to integrate into your existing smart home platform, with an aesthetic to complement your home's architecture and your personal design preferences.

    But the sheer number of HD TV options out there can be overwhelming. Here’s a sample of the best-of-the-best that we at Jackson Hole AV can recommend and help you integrate into your current home theater.

    Samsung’s QLED is hailed as the next innovation in TV. It offers 100% color volume with Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, and more than a billion shades of color. Want to watch TV in a room filled with daylight? No need to pull the shades; the QLED makes it easier than ever to see the screen, even in a brightly-lit room. You can connect multiple devices and cut down on the mountain of remotes using the Invisible Connection™ to unite everything in just one remote; Samsung’s OneRemote automatically detects and controls connected devices, even if they’re stored away. And if how your TV looks is as important as the picture on it, QLED takes the “aesthetic crown,” according to CNET, with its “invisible” wiring and “super-sleek look.” They call it one of the best-designed TVs out there, with its modern style. The reviewer loved the remote, the stand, and even the back of the TV. 

    For a mid-range television, Samsung’s MU9000 series offers a beautiful image, thin shape, stylish finish, and “invisible” wiring. According to CNET, if you’re looking for a TV that looks great both on and off, the Samsung MU9000 is the choice for you. And Samsung’s OneRemote automatically detects and controls connected devices using the convenient Invisible Connection™.

    Steward Filmscreen also offers an innovative HD TV design with its new Balón Borderless fixed frame, borderless screen system. This sophisticated architectural application creates a floating image with a fixed frame that can be integrated into any wall. The beveled frame means the material snaps to disappear behind the screen system, creating an edgeless appearance and an extraordinary floating image. One of the best features for the smart home owner is that the screen is available in custom aspect ratios to fit your unique preferences and home dimensions, with image sizes up to 12’ x 16’. Options also include acoustically transparent materials; incredible technology enables the sound to emanate from the direction of the image.

    And these three options are just the beginning of what’s available today.

    Choosing the best HD TV for your design preferences, viewing preferences, and home theater environment is an adventure in technology and aesthetics.

    To find out more about the HD TVs available today, call us at Jackson Hole AV. We’d love to help you find the best HD TV for your home theater.