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  • Cinema Sound in Your Home Theater?

    Over the past few weeks we’ve looked at building your dream home theater for your smart home. This week, we look at the third and final piece to creating the ideal experience: the perfect audio system.

    Your home theater can have the most advanced image technology available today, but without the audio, your viewing experience will be average, at best. Luckily, a home integrator knows how to bring together the audio to take your home theater to the highest quality – with each component that you choose, to suit your family’s smart home preferences.

    Pro Audio Technologies offers a range of loudspeakers and programmable power amplifiers to provide “incomparable sonic thrills.” The amplifiers, loudspeakers, and subwoofers are all designed and manufactured in the U.S., and incorporate the dynamics and durability to give your home theater an ultimate acoustic experience.

    Because matching speakers and amplifiers can lead to a lot of headaches for home theater owners (and mismatched sound performance), Pro Audio Technologies applies systematic engineering to guarantee that the relationship of its speakers and amplifiers always gives the highest quality performance. 

    Creating your ideal home theater can be effortless and fun with the help of a home integrator, who can seamlessly assemble the perfect selection of PRO loudspeakers and amplifiers, where every piece works together in the greater whole.

    Every PRO loudspeaker is designed and built with first-class technology to produce cinematic sound, coupled with the best hardware and design for long-term use. Using technologies perfected in commercial cinemas, PRO products provide creative options to overcome the typical challenges of installing a loudspeaker in a home theater. PRO loudspeakers can give your home theater the quality of sound we’ve come to expect in large theaters by using advanced DSP, right in your own home. Unlike any other loudspeakers on the market, PRO loudspeakers can give you the all-encompassing cinematic sound right in your own home.

    If you’re creating a dedicated home theater room, JBL synthesis creates built-in high-performance theater audio systems with versatility and outstanding sound. Intended to be hidden from view, these systems are custom integrated into your home theater to produce the ultimate home theater experience. 

    The Full JBL Everest 32-Channel System is perfect for the top-of-the-line home theater. Easily customized for rooms 4,000 ft.³ to 60,000 ft.³, this system fills large home theaters with high output and dynamic 3D sound. Upgrades and options can create the perfect listening experience for your specifications. Also available from JBL, the JBL 4367 Monitor is a high-resolution output speaker system for large home theater rooms. And there are more JBL audio systems to fit your specific tastes and home dimensions.

    If you’re looking for the outstanding audio system to create your perfect home theater, call us at Jackson Hole AV. We’d love to help you find the audio system of your dreams.