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  • Innovations for Your Smart Home Kitchen

    Are we in the world of the Jetsons' kitchen? Not quite, according to a recent Digital Trends article, but we’re getting close.

    According to the article, it’s harder these days to find a kitchen appliance without smart technology, since it allows manufacturers to troubleshoot problems before sending a repairperson, as well as update the appliance and gather information about how it’s used.

    Guided cooking is the big trend now, according to Digital Reports, based on products released at CES 2018 and the Kitchen and Bath International Show. 

    In recent years, guided cooking meant apps and built-in touchscreens could inspire your smart blender to stir at the right speed for the right amount of time. The Drop Kitchen Scale could give you the precise measured amount. Thermomix could set the right oven temperature. Today’s appliances are integrated to help you at a higher level for ease and efficiency in the kitchen.

    The Anova precision cooker allows you to cook with the perfect temperature, and with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you can cook from anywhere. Place the meat in a sealed bag, drop it in the water, and Anova does the rest.

    The Tefal Actifry Smart XL enables you to fry up more than 200 recipes with your smartphone or tablet. It sets the temperature and stirs it up, so you don’t have to worry. The app will also give video instructions for the parts that the fryer won’t do. 

    Apps also high on the list for creating the ideal smart kitchen.

    Whirlpool’s Yummly app can find you the perfect recipe, based on your unique preferences, time, and skill. And now, the newly-announced Yummly 2.0 will integrate with some of Whirpool’s smart ovens, using image-recognition tech to inventory your food and place orders from Instacart. The app can also send instructions to a connected microwave. It can also let your connected smart refrigerator know that you need a cup of water for your recipe; it’ll be ready and waiting when you need it.

    LG is partnering with SideChef, an app that reads aloud recipe instructions to you. It can also teach you the most basic cooking skills, like how to boil water. 

    Amazon’s Echo Show will show you videos, and you can ask Alexa to read you the recipe’s steps.

    Samsung and LG have kitchen hubs in refrigerators. GE’s kitchen hub displays above the stove and works with Alexa and Google Assistant to play videos, playlists, and control Z-Wave and Zigbee smart devices.

    Whirlpool’s Scan-to-Cook feature allows you to use the app to scan the barcode on a frozen pizza and specify chewy or crispy crust; the app sends instructions to your smart oven (including a little broiler time at the end for a crispy crust).

    Looking to upgrade your smart home kitchen? Call us at Jackson Hole AV. We’d love to show you what your dream kitchen can do.

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