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Running a successful restaurant or bar is difficult enough without having to worry about all the new technologies and appliances all your competitors are using to stay ahead.

Now, you can lead the game with a little help from Jackson Hole AV! We offer a wide range of products and systems designed specifically with the hospitality industry in mind. The systems that we offer are capable of catering to all of your front of house needs. Our temperature control can be adjusted to different areas so that you can furnish your restaurant with ‘micro-climates’- keeping the smoking section nice and cool, and other areas more moderate. Our lighting control can also be adjusted for various areas- meaning that some areas can look crisp and clean while others can be warm and inviting. Our audio video systems can turn any evening into an Event!

Jackson Hole AV can furnish your restaurant or bar with as many screens as you require. High definition and high resolution, our screens come in multiple sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your restaurant or bar. Our sound systems are perfect for both high volume, crisp sound for sporting events, and also for soft, relaxing background music while you eat. All of our systems are installed by our highly trained team of technicians that understand the environment in which they are working, and know best how to navigate it. Call Jackson Hole AV today to find out more!

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