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We are Jackson Hole ~ Born and Raised

At Jackson Hole AV, we take ownership of our projects and believe every step of the way is important to the final results. From the very first time we meet with you to the final day of in-house training, we’re here to make the entire process as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.

Founder and President, Rich Ashburn, has been installing Jackson Wyoming home automation systems for over 19 years. Born and raised in Jackson, WY, he graduated from Jackson Hole High School in 1990 and, like you, makes this valley his home. His team has designed, installed and now maintains audio visual solutions in over 200-homes.

Rich installed his first stereo when he was 14-years old, in a 1954 Chevy truck that he and his grandfather restored together. From there, his love for fine design grew.

His biggest lesson? “I’ve learned the importance of designing simple solutions with the finest technologies. Our passion is creating fantastic entertainment, learning, security and blazing network throughout the whole house. That’s super easy to use.”

“We need to make the most of our time. And struggling with a home control system is not the way any of us want to spend our time”, says Rich. “Sad to say, some homeowners have been left with the impression that home control systems are a source of complication and frustration”.

Call us for a design that fits your needs and budget. Combining our services with new home automation technologies like Savant, Focal and Integra (links within website to their page in Technology) are expanding the Jackson Hole lifestyle.

Jackson Wyoming Home Automation that is easy to use!


5 out of 5 stars

Exceptional Work and committed staff!

Reviewer: Tamara King - April 29, 2016

Jackson Hole AV does exceptional work, with great attention to detail, and a very committed staff. Simple, sophisticated, and cutting edge design. Thank you, we love what you all have done in our Wilson, WY home!


5 out of 5 stars

Dedicated, Knowledgeable, and Organized staff!

Reviewer: Jordan Stephens - December 28, 2015

What i appreciate the most about Richie and Josh is there dedication to this business. They love it and it shows because they are always excited about the newest technology. On top of that they are very friendly and organized. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

Jackson Hole AV - Rich Ashburn - Designer and Sales
Rich Ashburn
Designer, Sales and Systems Engineer
Jackson Hole AV - Josh Stephens - Lead Programmer
Josh Stephens
Lead Programmer & Network Engineer
Jackson Hole AV - Benjamin Cruz - Systems Engineer and Technician
Benjamin Cruz
Systems Engineer/Technician
Jackson Hole AV - Justin Booher - Master Electrician
Justin Booher
Master Electrician
Jackson Hole AV - Andrea Ashburn - Office Manager
Andrea Ashburn
Office Manager
Jackson Hole AV - Sandi Mexia - CAD Drafting Engineer
Sandi Mexia
CAD Drafting Engineer