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Jackson Hole AV

Integrating Smart Home Technology with Supreme Design Integrity 

Jackson Hole AV offers high-end home automation and audio video services. We are dedicated to working closely with our clients to seamlessly integrate smart home technology for the ultimate experience of control, simplicity, comfort, and peace of mind.

We work closely with clients to design the perfect system to fit the needs and preferences of the client and home, customizing each system and the overall integration to ensure your home exemplifies the highest standards of daily living. And we stay on the forefront of rapid advancements in the field of home automation and smart home technology, ensuring our clients have access to the newest innovations for their home.

Our advanced technicians design and install projects of all sizes – from a dream home theater to an automated HVAC system to a completely integrated smart home where all systems are united in one easy-to-use platform. We excel in helping you achieve the best-in-life comfort in your home.

We design and integrate smart home technology including: Environmental systems – heating, cooling, and ventilation; lighting and window treatments; security; Audio Video – from complete home theaters to high-end televisions to an integrated sound system throughout your home.

Our integration of your smart home’s systems gives you the technology to create the home environment you want, with complete, easy-to-use authority.

 Design Philosophy

Uniting Form and Function with Seamless Elegance

Founder and president Rich Ashburn was born and raised in Jackson, Wyoming, where he still lives today. At age 14, he installed his first stereo in the 1954 Chevy truck he and his grandfather restored together. That first experience brought together his passion for integrating new technology with fine design.

Today, Jackson Hole AV embodies that passion in every project, every home they see – from the creation of the ultimate home theater, to the complete integration of an entire home’s climate, lighting, sound, and security.

Like the high-end products we install, Jackson Hole AV prioritizes the intersection of form and function, integrating advanced technology in the luxury home in an elegant, seamless way to complement the home’s aesthetic and design. We work with only top-quality, award-winning companies, like Lutron for lighting and window solutions, and Sonos and Stewart Filmscreen for audio video.

Our main integration platform – Savant – is the world’s most elite system in home automation, offering a sleek platform for home owners to control all their technology systems with a single, intuitive app. With varying levels of systems to fit any home, Savant offers the industry’s only Apple®-based control and automation solution to unify your entire home’s audio video, lighting, climate, security, and communications systems. 

Savant was one of the first home automation companies to see the need for mobile technology, so clients can have total access to their home no matter where they are. They offer exclusive features like the customizable app, personalized for each unique home. And Savant hardware and controls have been rated among the best in design and function.

Our Process

As Seamless and Smooth as the Systems We Install

From the first consultation, throughout installation, to the culminating day of in-house training, Jackson Hole AV makes the process of home integration as seamless and smooth as the systems we install.

We begin with first discussions about your home and its systems design. Based on your needs and preferences, we design a comprehensive new system and then install that system with a step-by-step process honed over two decades of experience. Our project managers and crew recognize the importance of communication with clients, including walk-throughs during the installation, to ensure the final integration meets the highest standards. Prewiring is a key part of the installation, making sure your home can adapt to future advancements, followed by trim-out, installation, programming, and client training.

Throughout the process, our goal is to make the experience enjoyable and seamless for you while integrating the most advanced technology for your luxury home.

Because technology is always changing, we are committed to the services we install for the life of your home. We offer 24/7 service with remote monitoring for connected systems. We also offer priority service calls for clients with new systems (within one year) and systems that are on our priority service contracts. Our installation experts are fully licensed, insured, and industry-certified to integrate the most advanced home technology available. 


Jackson Wyoming Home Automation that is easy to use!


5 out of 5 stars

Exceptional Work and committed staff!

Reviewer: Tamara King - April 29, 2016

Jackson Hole AV does exceptional work, with great attention to detail, and a very committed staff. Simple, sophisticated, and cutting edge design. Thank you, we love what you all have done in our Wilson, WY home!


5 out of 5 stars

Dedicated, Knowledgeable, and Organized staff!

Reviewer: Jordan Stephens - December 28, 2015

What i appreciate the most about Richie and Josh is there dedication to this business. They love it and it shows because they are always excited about the newest technology. On top of that they are very friendly and organized. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

Jackson Hole AV - Rich Ashburn - Designer and Sales
Rich Ashburn
Designer, Sales and Systems Engineer
Jackson Hole AV - Josh Stephens - Lead Programmer
Josh Stephens
Lead Programmer & Network Engineer
Jackson Hole AV - Justin Booher - Master Electrician
Justin Booher
Master Electrician
Jackson Hole AV - Andrea Ashburn - Office Manager
Andrea Ashburn
Office Manager
Jackson Hole AV - Sandi Mexia - CAD Drafting Engineer
Sandi Mexia
CAD Drafting Engineer